Holani Hana Inc. is a 501c-3. Our goals are focused on cultural preservation in the areas of Hawaiian Architecture – Hale Building, Aipono – Poi, Pae Pae – Rock Wall – Stone Masonry, Native Plants – Cultivation of Native Hawaiian Species and Reforestation.  Our vision is that Holani Hana will become a “Gathering Place of Learning” for master practitioners to teach and mentor individuals, families and groups to become cultural practitioners.

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Holani Hana Inc.

Outcomes & Achievements

We strive to create opportunities to educate and train individuals, families and communities about ancient Hawaiian cultural arts and practices.  Part of that vision is to build an operating Ahupua’a / Hawaiian Village that will showcase the ancient lifestyle, arts, crafts and practices of daily living.

Holani Hana Inc.


Hale Building Completed Nationally and Internationally

Holani Hana Inc.


Hale Building Completed in Hawaii

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Holani Hana Inc.


Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer!  Please join our cause by volunteering at any of our Hale Building events!

Holani Hana Inc.


Your kind donation will help our organization accomplish its mission.  Thank you for your support!

Holani Hana Inc.

Partnership Program

Buy a hale, gift a hale program allows corporations to purchase a hale for their cultural, team building purposes, while at the same time gifting a hale to their charity or community of choice.